Five Ways That Modern Technology Has Changed Gaming


There come certain points in technology where someone, somewhere, invents something that changes the world. The internet, wireless technology and the Smartphone are all classic examples. It’s no surprise then, that the same is true for gaming.

This is one of the reasons any dedicated gamer is constantly updating their consoles. Technology isn’t cheap, but if you want to get your hands on the latest games and gadgets, you need to sell your Wii and upgrade to a Wii U, for instance. Here are five of the arguably biggest influences modern technology has had on gaming.

The internet

First and foremost, the internet should come as no surprise on this list. Its influence is so strong, there aren’t just games that require the internet to play, there are entire genres built around having the internet as standard. MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), RTS (Real Time Strategy) and other MMOs (such as First Person Shooter MMOFPS) are prime examples of games that wouldn’t exist without it.

Mobile technology

Like the internet, mobile technology has also made gaming better. In this case, it frees us from the living room. Games can be played on your phone, meaning wherever you are, you can always play. Combine this with the internet, and every other item on this list, and you have very small, intuitive, portable gaming set-ups; perfect for playing whenever you’re bored, wherever you happen to be. If you want to learn more about games, software, and gadgets, visit on this website for useful information.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are still relatively new, but they’re opening up a lot of gaming potential. Not everyone likes controllers or keyboards. Motion sensors, be it devices like the Wii or motion capture such as Kinect, offer an alternative. These make games much more accessible and approachable, relying on natural movements over interpretive controls.


While many might consider this part of the internet, its recent innovations have only improved gaming. Downloading, thanks to fibre optics, broadband and other technology, is better than ever; we can download bigger files faster than ever. The results on gaming are obvious; you can download entire games online, getting hold of what you want instantly. Let’s not also forget the huge affect DLC has had on how we play. If you like what you’ve got, you can pay a bit more and download even more content

Downloadable games also reduce physical products, such as cartridges or discs. Not only does this save space and money, it also helps developers make games without the financial wrangling of distributors; one of the main reasons behind the recent surge in Indie games.

3D technology

Finally, we have another technology that’s still relatively uncommon in the gaming market, but growing. Modern 3D technology does away with glasses. This, as the 3DS has shown, opens up more gaming. Similar to realistic graphics, a 3D display simply increases our immersion in a game, as well as adding new depth, complexity and game play for those games built with 3D in mind. If you still have some questions in mind regarding modern technologies, kindly visit this website:

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