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Here’s Why It Has Taken So Long For Martin Scorsese’s Latest Film “The Irishman” To Come Out


Here’s Why It Has Taken So Long For Martin Scorsese’s Latest Film “The Irishman” To Come Out

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The last time Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro worked together was in the 1995 movie, Casino, and ever since then, fans have been wondering when they would appear on the silver screen as a unit once again.

The actor/director duo has created some of the most iconic movies in the history of cinema, so it goes without saying that it’s long overdue. Scorsese followers were pleased to hear that Mr. Scorsese was releasing his new movie, The Irishman, which features an all-star cast.

The movie is coming out in 2020 on Netflix and there’s been a lot of talk about it both in the media as well as on social media. It’s been something they’ve wanted to work on for ages reports Deadline. Based on the novel by Charles Brandt, I Heard You Paint Houses, the movie revolves around the story of Mr. Frank Sheeran.

Frank previously admitted to killing the legendary mobster, Jimmy Hoffa who famously went missing one evening and was never heard from again or found. De Niro plays Sheeran, whose memories will go back decades and that’s where Netflix’s vast amount of money came in handy for Scorsese and the rest of his team.

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This is a little bit late but: The Museum of Modern Art has always meant a lot to me, from the time I started going there for screenings when I was young. I saw so many films there, so many remarkable titles that came with that card: “Presented by the Museum of Modern Art.” I am overwhelmed by the words spoken by Emily Mortimer, Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro in my honor. Thank you to all who contributed to the benefit Monday evening!

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According to multiple reports, The Irishman features CGI technology in which De Niro and other actors are actually made to look younger using computer generated technology. It’s quite an ambitious – but costly – endeavor, and also one of the main reasons for the film’s delay.

Thanks to the Hollywood company, Industrial Light and Magic, actors such as Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, and Joe Pesci, will be taken – or at least appear to be – back to their glory days as young men.

In a new interview with Yahoo Entertainment UK, Scorsese’s longtime editor, Thelma Schoomaker confirmed these interesting details about the flick. According to Business Insider, Thelma said to reporters from Yahoo that the plan was to de-age the aforementioned actors.

“We’re youthifying the actors in the first half of the movie,” Scorsese’s editor explained. So it looks like that is the reason for the anticipated movie’s delay. This marks the 10th film for De Niro and Scorsese together, including The Irishman in that list.


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