‘One Day At A Time’ Canceled After Three Seasons

This is really bad news for the Netflix show’s fans! It looks like One Day at a Time has been canceled by the online streaming network after running for no more than three seasons.

Earlier today,  Mike Royce took to Twitter to reveal the fact that Netflix had told him, as well as fellow creator Gloria Calderon Kellett the night before that the show would no longer be renewed for a fourth season.

As you may know, One Day at a Time was a Latina-led humorous as well as touching update on the classic version with the same name that premiered back in 1975 on CBS.

The original sitcom’s creator Norman Lear was involved in the newer version’s birth as well!

In a joint message he posted on his account, Royce stated: ‘We had the time of our lives making the show. We worked with the very best, the most giving and talented cast, writers and crew members ever, as well as the incomparable Norman Lear. So our hearts are very heavy, but they are also bursting with appreciation for this amazing experience.’

But the hope is not all gone! Royce shared with social media that he and co-creator, Kellett are already searching for another outlet to pick up the comedy instead of Netflix.

‘Along with our studio Sony, we’ll be exploring other places where One Day at a Time can live, and with some luck, we will find one. Either way our 3 seasons will always exist and will be there for you and for all of us. We want to thank everybody who watched. We love you. Familia Para Siempre.’

Hopefully, they will manage to keep the storyline alive in the end!

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